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Our services

  • Workspace

    Flexible plans from hot-desks all the way to your own private room or office.

  • Conference Rooms

    Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of the community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.

  • Third Party Services

    Tell us your needs and we have a professional partner inside the center to solve your problem.

  • Benefits and discounts

    All members enjoy discounted rates, credits and benefits as part of their membership.

  • Weekly events

    Connect and learn in our curated events and meet-ups.

Our plans

Our additional products and services

  • Day Pass Products
    • One-Day Pass

      Purchase $30 Day Pass Credits to book a desk here: https://zparksiliconvalley.spaces.nexudus.com/bookings/search?type=1414925564

    • Day Pass Punch Card

      10 business day passes which can be used on an "As Needed" basis. No expiration date. Once you have used up all 10 passes, the system will bill you for a fresh set of 10 passes that can be used as needed.

    • Access card

      Required for Day Pass Membership, Day Pass Punch Card, Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk and Private Office.

  • Other Services
    • Directory Listing

      Your company name will be displayed onsite.

    • Live Answering Service

      Calls will be answered by receptionists in your company name and transferred to you. You can also create further customizations.